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Great cause from a cool new brand.  Check it out Saturday if you’re around.  Give them a follow @havetclothing @coastwanderer
Go check our these absolute gems from @hoytesurfboards at @wavefrontsurfshop in Ventura!  Epic
Epic Picture of my brother in law @dmckeand22 during winter last year ripping!  Photo: @jreisphotography #jreisphotography
Waves suck!  Time to go play golf!  Photo: Tracht
The Lucky Lucky Mini Sims by @rluckesurfboards is out of this world!  Photo @p_smity #minisimmons
Dreamy So. Cal Morning in Malibu shot by @dave_mouse_friesen
Epic little display by my buddy @dylangordon staffer at @surfer_magazine
Constantly dreaming of waves.  Photo @jreisphotography
Stoked to see my good buddy Mike Schwartz ripping during the south.  Buddy @jreisphotography took this of him recently. Sick one @inhibitoryresidue
Stoked to hang with Todd Proctor @proctor_surfboards in Ventura today to pick up the #kookaburra model for an up coming article in @deepsurfmag   @havetclothing